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Weddings in the Dodecanese Islands of Greece

Welcome to Kalymnos Wedding Consultants. Whether you are interested in a  Civil Wedding, Church Wedding,  Vow Renewal Ceremony, or Anniversary Celebration, our wedding co-ordinators will be happy to provide all the information and care necessary to organize the ceremony of your dreams in the beautiful Dodecanese islands of Greece. 

The mystic beauty, the legends, the breathtaking sunsets, the romantic atmosphere, the deep blue sea, are just some of the reasons why couples around the world choose Kalymnos & the Dodecanese islands for their dream wedding experience and honeymoon.


Kalymnian Wedding Consultants offer you a very personal, fully comprehensive  Greek Island Wedding service, advise on necessary documentation and translation, advise on flights: accommodation booked, Civil, Church weddings, re affirmation of Vows arranged. A full Wedding Reception service arranged to suit both your budget and your dreams. 


We have a Kalymnos wedding package to suit every couples dreams. We can plan your wedding, vow renewal, anniversary, reception and Honeymoon of your dreams in the beautiful island of Kalymnos, and at many other locations in the Dodecanese islands.

Kalymnian wedding consultants are a family operated, premier wedding service, with 15 years experience in Tourism hospitality. It will be our pleasure and honour to arrange & plan your wedding and the honeymoon of your dreams in the Greek, Dodecanese Islands! In addition we specialise in arranging unforgettable, themed wedding receptions at  various beautiful venues throughout the islands .


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